Zoë Blade\'s notebook

Behringer 100 Series

The 100 Series is Behringer's clone of the Roland System-100M.

As I haven't properly used the original, I can't compare their sound or stability. However, this clone copies the original layouts quite faithfully, albeit shrunken down to Eurorack format. What the clone lacks in an especially rich or characterful sound, it makes up for with a faithful recreation of the original's convenient design.

It's very economical with real estate, accentuating how the original crams a lot of features into a small space, by shrinking it down to the more popular Eurorack format. In the 16 HP that houses the same two ADSR envelope generators that Doepfer's A-100 manages, it also sneaks in a bonus LFO. The 16 HP that houses the ring mod, sample & hold, and noise generators sneaks in yet another bonus LFO. Voltage controlled LFOs, no less. The 297 module is an amalgamation of two different System-100M modules, even further shrinking everything down. It's very densely packed with useful features.

I especially recommend the 172 module's phase shifter. Doepfer stopped making the comparable A-125 long ago.

Comparing Beheringer's 100 Series to Doepfer's A-100, I prefer the sound of the A-100, the wider range of its ADSR envelope generators, and find its A-142 voltage controlled decay indespensible for velocity sensitive drums (although apparently that's just me). However, I like the convenience of the 100 Series, with its emulations and perhaps even occasional slight improvements of Roland's layouts. It's slightly cheaper than the A-100, more densely packed, and with enough familiarity, probably quicker to use. Which is more important is up to you.

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