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Boss Micro Rack series

Micro Rack tech specs

Boss ROD-10
Boss ROD-10

Boss RRV-10
Boss RRV-10

  • Released: 1980s
  • Company: Boss
  • Type: Effect
  • Control: Footswitch
  • Display: None
  • Size: Half U

The Micro Rack half-width 1U series of effects was made by Boss in the 1980s.

As you might expect from products branded with the name of their guitar pedal division, they're cheap and simple compared to the fully fledged Roland-branded effects. Personally, I like them, because of their straightforward interface with one knob per parameter, and their charming, slightly lo-fi sound. They're more than good enough to do the job, and add bags of character. They also look pretty cute.

Although MIDI was well established by the time this range of effects came out, they were budget devices, so didn't implement anything so fancy. Instead, they each have a footswitch input to turn the effect on and off, which makes them ideally suited to be toggled with a digital sequencer, with a little creative soldering.


Model Type Released Description
RBF-10 Module 1985 Flanger
RCL-10 Module 1985 Compressor, limiter, expander, gate
RDD-10 Module 1985 Digital delay
RGE-10 Module 1985 Graphic equaliser
RPH-10 Module 1985 Phaser
BMR-5 Rack 1985 Half-width micro rack (houses 5 modules)
RAD-10 Rack 1985 19" subrack (houses 2 modules)
RPQ-10 Module 1986 Pre-amp / parametric equaliser
RPS-10 Module 1986 Pitch shifter / delay
RSD-10 Module 1986 Sampler / digital delay
RCE-10 Module 1987 Digital chorus ensemble
RDD-20 Module 1987 Digital delay
ROD-10 Module 1987 Overdrive / distortion
RRV-10 Module 1987 Digital reverb
RPW-7 Module 1987 Power supply for micro rack
RCB-4 Rack 1987 Carry box (houses 4 modules)


RBF-10 / RCL-10 / RDD-10 / RGE-10 / RPH-10

RPQ-10 / RSD-10








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