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SR-JV80 series

SR-JV80 series tech specs

  • Company: Roland
  • Type: Expansion board
  • ROM: 8 MB

The SR-JV80 series of expansion boards gives additional sounds to the JV-80 series of romplers.

Each of the nineteen expansion boards contains 8 MB of waveforms and presets:

These were demoed in three 2 MB compilation boards:

The compilations contain a quarter of the presets and waveform data. They're designed to let you try out the main boards before buying them, not as something to buy and use in their own right.

Note that SR‑JV80‑06 "Dance" was quickly removed from the market, with people speculating that this was due to a copyright violation. It's rare and, to be on the safe side, probably best avoided. Try SR‑JV80‑11 "Techno Collection" instead.


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