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From Within

Fax +49-69/450464 was a record label owned and ran by Pete Namlook.

After a brief period releasing mostly trance on vinyl records, he settled down into releasing ambient and ambient techno on CDs, collaborating with a lot of other influential musicians in the process.

The label was quite singular in that most releases feature Namlook himself, usually collaborating with a different person each time — including such illustrious cohorts as Biosphere, Richie Hawtin, Tetsu Inoue, Bill Laswell, Mixmaster Morris, and even Klaus Schulze.

Fax released more material than many other indie labels, despite Namlook making so much of the music himself. Granted, this is not the place to go for meticulously multitracked masterpieces. Much of the output is barely more polished than a live gig's outboard mix, and yet a lot of it is still just as compelling as more formal albums.

Being a small, niche label, each album was limited to roughly a thousand copies.[1] Combined with the distinctive and consistent artwork, this made some of the more popular offerings highly collectable, prompting Namlook to start the sublabel Ambient World to re-release the more sought-after albums.

The releases can roughly be grouped into four categories. These are easy enough to differentiate by their cover artwork, and the start of each release's catalogue number:[2]


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