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Bode Frequency Shifter

The Bode Frequency Shifter is a frequency shifter designed by Harald Bode. To my knowledge, it's the only frequency shifter designed as an audio effect rather than for radio communications.

It simultaneously shifts the frequencies up by the specified amount for one output, and down by that same amount for the other output, allowing a sort of stereo flanging effect when used subtly.

It's capable of both exponential and linear frequency shifting. The latter changes the content of a sound, converting its tidy harmonics into inharmonic overtones.

It was originally released in 19" rackmount form, as model 735. With Bode's blessing, Bob Moog miniaturised this into module 1630 for his 900 Series modular synthesisers.

Notable users


  1. "A Guided Tour of Beauty in the Beast" Keyboard, Nov 1986
  2. "What Comes Around Goes Surround" Wendy Carlos


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