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Computer World
Computer World

Kraftwerk were an early electronic band. They practically created synthpop in the 1970s. Their lyrics and artificial sounds explored the themes of science and technology, usually with an optimistic view.

For most people, lyrics make music much more accessible, so Kraftwerk's songs introduced a lot more people to electronic music than the largely instrumental works of artists like Wendy Carlos, Tangerine Dream, and Jean-Michel Jarre.

Back then, Kraftwerk sounded futuristic. They influenced many other musicians, who in turn further evolved the state of the art. In retrospect, their earlier work now sounds comparatively primitive and naïve. Predating digital sequencers, they often played their instruments by hand, and recorded onto tapes that have since lost some of their fidelity in places. This arguably adds to their texture and charm, giving their music a sense of retro-futuristic nostalgia.

Equipment list

Circa Autobahn

Additions circa Radio-Activity

Additions circa Computer World

Additions circa Electric Café

Selected discography


  1. "[Unknown]" 1975
  2. "Radioactivity" Kraftwerk, Radio‐Activity, 1975
  3. "Uranium" Kraftwerk, Radio‐Activity, 1975
  4. "Trans-Europe Express" Kraftwerk, Trans-Europe Express, 1977
  5. "Karl Bartos: Elektric Music & Kraftwerk" Jonathan Miller, Sound On Sound, Mar 1998
  6. "Business. Numbers. Money. People. Time. Travel. Communication. Entertainment." "Computer World" Kraftwerk, Computer World, 1981
  7. "Pocket Calculator" Kraftwerk, Computer World, 1981
    Note: Pocket Calculator uses the Language Translator's beeps and its distinctive boing.
  8. "One, two. Un, deux, trois. Uno, dos, cuatro." "Numbers" Kraftwerk, Computer World, 1981
  9. "One, two." "Computer World 2" Kraftwerk, Computer World, 1981
  10. "Home Computer" Kraftwerk, Computer World, 1981
    Note: Home Computer's intro uses the Speak & Spell's bootup sound.
  11. "Electricity" Phil Ward, Music Technology, Nov 1993, pp. 18—19


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