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The Prodigy

The Prodigy were a rave band that evolved into a more mainstream act. Liam Howlett wrote all their music, with other members later getting increasingly prominent on vocals.


My dad made me go to classical piano lessons. He reckons it's paid off now.

I like to think it matters quite a lot. It is easy to write the sort of music we're doing, but I like to think that I can put a little bit extra into it because of what I've learnt over the last ten years. I believe that I give it more musical input than you'll find in a basic hardcore rave track.

— Liam Howlett, 1992[1]

One of the reasons I don't use an Atari is that if something is hand-made, it comes out better. With the W-30 I can tap in exactly what I want. I never use copy mode, never. I think with an Atari it's just too easy to tap in a bassline, repeat it for 30 bars and so on. Instead of having the same cymbals all the way through, I tap them in and change them as I go. And I think that helps give me "my" sound. I talked to another local group, Shades of Rhythm, about it and they couldn't believe it. I was going to buy an Atari, but there's no point.

— Liam Howlett, 1992[1]

Equipment list

Circa 1992:[1]


  1. The Lone Raver Music Technology, May 1992

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