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DynaMike tech specs

  • Initial price: £20[1]
  • Company: Bandai
  • Type: Effect
  • Display: None

The DynaMike was a children's toy effect by Bandai. Surprisingly, it was used professionally by both Coldcut and LFO.


I bought it in a shop in New York. It's red and looks like a cross between a microphone and a sax, and it's for kids to make noises like spacemen really — but you can get some of the most outrageous sounds out of it.

— Jonathan More, Coldcut, 1990[2]

We might just use transposed-down voices sounding weird, using the pitch shift on the SPX50D or that willy thing. It's a kid's toy from Argos. DynaMike, I think it's called. It only costs £25, but it's got up and down pitch and a flanger effect.

— Gez Varley & Mark Bell, LFO, 1991[3]

Notable users


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