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MicroVerb III

MicroVerb III tech specs

  • Released: 1991
  • Company: Alesis
  • Type: Effect (Digital delay; digital reverb)
  • Sample rate: 31.25 kHz[1]
  • Sample resolution: 16-bit[1]
  • Audio in: Stereo pair
  • Audio out: Stereo pair
  • Control: Footswitch
  • Display: None
  • Size: 1U

The MicroVerb III was a 1U rackmount digital reverb released by Alesis in 1991.

Compared to a MicroVerb or MicroVerb II, it's finally rackmountable, which is much more convenient if you already have a rack and don't want various devices strewn all over the studio.

Compared to a MidiVerb II or ever-popular QuadraVerb, it's a simpler, budget affair, designed to be controlled by hands rather than MIDI. I'd argue that the upmarket devices' complexity can be a double-edged sword, being more flexible but slower to learn and use, so this might actually work in the MicroVerb III's favour.

Its simpler interface is a comparative doddle, with no menu diving. It's a lot closer to the interface of an Akai EX90R or Boss RRV-10 half-rack reverb. For a digital device, it's agreeably tactile.

Unlike its smaller knobby rivals, however, it retains the higher fidelity of its upmarket siblings — both in theory, with a 16-bit sample resolution, and in practice, having that unmistakable Alesis reverb sheen.

It's tempting to assume the delays were a mere afterthought, especially as there's no tempo control. They're not even in the name! Upon closer inspection, however, roughly half the unit is dedicated to delays, and they're surprisingly usable. The fixed delay lengths are generally designed for multiples of 5 BPM, covering a lot of ground for those less adventurous of tempo.

All in all, these are some great reverbs and delays. If the limitations of using presets seem more like a blessing than a curse, then it's worth checking out.

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