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Not to be confused with the theme park.

Legoland was an overarching set of themes that all featured minifigures, and hence all conformed to minifig scale. It lasted from 1978 to 1990.

With its introduction in 1978, there were originally three themes:

By 1990, this had expanded to include the Pirates theme, and several subthemes:

These themes were all consistent with each other, in contrast to the more diverse outliers, such as Basic (later Creator) and Technic. They're also all pretty easy to spot, due to their distinctive colour palettes.

While the Legoland label fell out of use in 1990, replaced in 1992 with System, and then since 1999 simply being an unnamed given, the 1:44 scale it introduced to Lego models is still being used well into the next century.

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