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RX1602 tech specs

Behringer RX1602 front
Behringer RX1602 front

Behringer RX1602 back
Behringer RX1602 back

  • Company: Behringer
  • Type: Line mixer
  • Channels: 8 stereo pairs
  • Audio in: 8 stereo pairs
  • Audio out: Stereo pair; mono send
  • Size: 1U

The RX1602 (or, rather confusingly, Eurorack Pro RX1602 — it is decidedly not Eurorack) was a line mixer made by Behringer.

It sports 16 mono (more realistically, 8 mono) or 8 stereo inputs, one mono effect output, and stereo main output, all in a tidy 1U of rack space.

In spite of its rather ambitious claims, I wouldn't really consider it a fully fledged 16 channel line mixer. Instead, I think it finds its calling as a completely sufficient 8 channel line mixer — and given Behringer's ridiculously low prices, I think it's still good value as one.

Seen this way, you can take 8 mono or stereo pair inputs, pan them, send as much or as little of each as you'd like to a single effect (say, a cheap digital reverb), send the whole mix out to a stereo pair, and hear it all on headphones while you do so. When used this way, just about all that's missing is the effect return... so perhaps make that seven inputs, plus the effect coming back into the mix.

Who needs an eighth input anyway? That's an opportunity to use a multitrack recorder's eighth channel for the MIDI clock and SPP, thanks to a synchroniser.

If you want to make electronic music with all the cosy constraints of a late twentieth century setup (and I'd be hard pushed to tell you why I do), this is probably pretty accurate.




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