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The NS-10M was an infamous hi-fi speaker made by Yamaha in 1978.[1] It was repurposed as a nearfield studio monitor speaker so often that Yamaha released a revised model intended for that specific purpose, the NS-10M Studio. It's seemingly both ubiquitous and universally loathed.

The NS-10M's popularity may be somewhat arbitrary. It didn't have to be perfect, it merely had to be good enough that a few popular freelance producers favoured it early on. To keep their sound consistent from one studio to another, they'd lug it with them. Studios that were eager to hire them noticed this preference, and decided to adopt the same speaker in-house, to tempt them with the lack of hassle that comes from having their favourite speaker already installed. It snowballed from there.

The NS-10M does, however, have a very useful characteristic: it's very quick at stopping, which is important when reproducing short, quick sounds, like percussion or transients (essentially the featureful head-end of notes).

The general consensus, as much as there is one, seems to be that it sounds bad in the sense that it's good at highlighting the problems in your mix, and that once you get your mix to sound good on a pair of NS-10Ms, it should sound good on anything.

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