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K-2 tech specs

Behringer K-2
Behringer K-2

  • Released: 2019
  • Company: Behringer
  • Type: Semi-modular synthesiser
  • Polyphony: Monophonic
  • Timbrality: Monotimbral
  • Control: Hz/Volt CV & S-trig gate; MIDI; MIDI over USB
  • Patch jacks: 3.5 mm TS phone jacks
  • Features: External input; separate highpass and lowpass filters
  • Size: 3U (Eurorack), 80HP

The K-2 is a semi-modular synthesiser released by Behringer in 2019. It's a clone of Korg's MS-20.

The main differences between the K-2 and the original MS-20 are that the K-2 ditches the keyboard, making it agreeably compact, and adds MIDI in, making it easier to integrate into a modern studio — especially useful considering that, just like the original, it requires Hz/Volt & S-trig signals rather than the more popular 1V/Oct & V-trig.




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