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MS-1 tech specs

Behringer MS-1
Behringer MS-1

The MS-1 (initially called the MS-101 for a brief period) is a monophonic synthesiser released by Behringer in 2019. Specifically, it's a clone of Roland's SH-101.

Compared to the original, it's pretty accurate, albeit not quite flawless. Behringer also added MIDI as usual, along with a triangle wave in the oscillator's mixer, external audio and VCF CV in (theoretically useful for velocity sensitivity, until you realise it replaces the regular filter CV instead of being added to it), rudimentary FM (seemingly based on the Nova modification), and the ability to store more than one pattern at once, albeit with each one being shorter.

Just about the worst inaccuracies seem to be that the pulsewidth can't get quite as narrow as on the original, the ADSR envelope generator is far more linear, and the filter's more stable.




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