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Pro-24 tech specs


I've sort of pushed Tim [Simenon] backwards because I'm still very happy to use Pro-24. It's the program I've got and we regress to that for my convenience. I find it's got a certain number of variables to help you work, but not too many.

— Guy Sigsworth, Bomb the Bass, 1991[1]

Pro-24 is simple, and it's quick. Cubase is as well, but we've just never got round to buying a copy. Pro-24 does the job, it does what we need a sequencer to do and we really don't need anything more complicated. It depends what you use it for; some of the new generation of sequencers are great, but I actually like the limitation of only 24 tracks.

— Jack Dangers, Meat Beat Manifesto, 1993[2]

Notable users


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