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Concussor tech specs

The Concussor was a Eurorack format analogue modular synthesiser, chiefly a set of drum synthesiser modules. They were made by Analogue Solutions in the 1990s and 2000s.

It was the third Eurorack system, after Doepfer's A-100 and Analogue Systems's RS Integrator.

The various drum synthesiser modules clone Roland's classic CR-78, TR-808, and TR-909 drum machines, one sound at a time. Their parameters often extend beyond the confines of the originals, giving them a greater degree of flexibility, especially useful when it comes to their versatile decay lengths.

As they need an external sequencer to trigger them, they can also be more flexible than the originals in that regard, as your sequencer may well offer fully programmable patterns, a separate accent signal per part, and swing, pairing the sounds of all three original drum machines with the rhythmic abilities of only the 909. But that all depends on what you hook them up to.


The aim with the Concussor was to release a system that was significantly different from the rest, that would offer a real alternative, or that could be included into an existing system (all Concussor modules will fit into A-100 / Integrator cases, and our modules offer power sockets for both systems).

— Tom Carpenter, Analogue Solutions, 2000[1]


Much like the originals, these modules have pretty insensitive trigger inputs. Depending on what you're using to trigger them, you might well need an amplifier to boost the trigger signal, such as Doepfer's A-183-3.

Notable users


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