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Pingpong loop

A pingpong loop is a loop within a sample that alternates going forwards then backwards. It can achieve a reasonably smooth sound without the hassle of finding matching points at the start and end of the loop.


I think the W-30 as a sampler is in some ways way ahead of other samplers. For some people, the quality's not good enough. But for me, it's so raw, and it has looping facilities like the alter function, which makes the sample go forward, then spins it round and makes it come back again. It's a really handy feature for getting a smooth sound, and I've used that on loads of tracks where people would imagine that it's just a sound, but the looping makes it sound like that.

— Liam Howlett, The Prodigy, 1997[1]

One of the reasons I stuck with the 950 rather than moving onto an S1000 was it had reverse loop and it was much easier to get a smooth loop because it becomes like a vibrato warble rather than a click click click. You could just move the loop point fractionally by millionths of a second until it sounded right.

— Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), 2017[2]


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