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Ignoring the Akai S612 (it wasn't even the right colour)...

— David Glasper, Sound on Sound, 2010[1]

The S612 was a sampler released by Akai in 1985. It was their first sampler, and the start of their 12-bit range that culminated in the S950.

On a sidenote, this is the only Akai sampler that predates their switchover from black to beige, presumably in a rather successful bid for the European market, where it became the sampler of choice.

S612 tech specs


The MD280 was a floppy disk drive with built-in storage bay to slot in ten discs. It uses the Quick Disk format, rather than the much more popular 3.5" floppy disk format.


I think the beauty about the sampling world is that you're basically becoming attuned to listening to small bits of music that you like. I learnt to work in that way when I was using my first sampler, an Akai S612, because it didn't have much memory and you could only play one sample at a time. The problem with conventional songwriting is that a lot of lyricists, because they're so hooked on the verse-chorus format of writing a song, actually miss the finer points of what they're writing. There are perhaps some beautiful bits which, if they're accentuated, could be used far more effectively. Just by taking bits of vocals into the sampler, they take on a new meaning, a new life. The whole sound of the sample world is different. I love it.

— Garry Cobain, The Future Sound of London, 1992[4]

When the Akai 612 appeared, it was great, because everyone could have sampling for under £1000.

— Mixmaster Morris, 1995[5]

Notable users


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S612 / MD280





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