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The Future Sound of London


The Future Sound of London consist of musicians Brian Dougans (of "Stakker Humanoid" fame) and Garry Cobain, and visual artist / graphic designer Buggy G. Riphead (also of "Stakker Humanoid" fame).

As you might expect from their equipment list, the Future Sound of London made heavy use of samples in their work. Stylistically, they ran the gamut from breakbeat infused dance music to chillout ambient soundscapes. They're perhaps best remembered for one of their earlier tracks, "Papua New Guinea", which deftly straddled the line between the two extremes.

They generally combined cutting edge technology and futurism with new age spirituality and mysticism. They "toured" the world's radio stations from the comfort of their studio, via ISDN lines (which offered more bandwidth than a dialup Internet connection). They also used an SGI machine to create 3D graphics. In retrospect, they were perhaps the most 1990s band there was.

Equipment list

Circa 1992

Additions circa Lifeforms

Selected discography


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