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Nine Inch Nails

Further Down the Spiral V2
Further Down the Spiral V2

Nine Inch Nails is an industrial rock band, although their first album was arguably more synthpop. They juxtapose extremes to great effect, such as catchy melodies played on harsh timbres, and quiet verses leading into loud choruses.

Equipment list

Pre Pretty Hate Machine

Additions circa Pretty Hate Machine

Additions circa The Downward Spiral

Selected discography


  1. "[Unknown]" Michael Fiscus, Antimatter, 1989
  2. "Nine Inch Nails" Robert Doerschuk, Keyboard, Apr 1990
  3. "Classic Tracks: Nine Inch Nails 'Closer'" Richard Buskin, Sound On Sound, Sep 2012
  4. "Trent Reznor" Greg Rule, Keyboard, Mar 1994
  5. "Nine Inch Nails Synths" Charlie Clouser, Gear Space, Apr 2011


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