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Underworld are a progressive house group. They evolved out of synthpop group Freur. They're probably best known for "Born Slippy .NUXX", used prominently in the film Trainspotting.

Their style typically involves a combination of four-to-the-floor house beat, Giorgio Moroder esque bassline, and stream-of-consciousness vocals, often based on snippets of overheard conversation. The result is often pretty hypnotic and dreamlike, but usually far too upbeat and prominent to be ambient.

They're clearly proponents of the composting method of remixing one track into another quite different work, and are happy to chop up a vocal into short, meaningless snippets to be transplanted elsewhere. Several of their songs evolved into quite different other songs, with the source and target both being good in their own right. For example, "Dirty" and "Dirty Guitar" led to "Dirty Epic", while "Can You Feel Me?" got repurposed into "M.E."'s intro.

Appropriately, vocalist Karl Hyde enjoys hearing people's interpretations and mishearings of his lyrics.[1] As with much art, ambiguity is a feature.

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